Work in Progress

I have several sculptures in the works currently, all of which are related to my latest jag, creating work based on themes dealing with Celtic myth and legend.  I am experimenting with different types of stone, colors and textures to be incorporated in the final rendition along with different combinations of ceramics, glass, and metals.      

Green Man and Crow

The “Green Man and Crow” is being carved out of a slab of oak, and is my interpretation of the man made of leaves which is a fertility symbol found, oddly enough, in churches and cathedrals throughout Europe.  He usually has branches coming out of his mouth, and can be found on door lintels and atop stone columns as well.

Among the other pieces in various stages of completion are combinations of assembled branches with inset carved wood or stone panels.  

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Raw Material

Of course, I also have some untouched stone that I am looking at over a period of time in order to see what is inside the stone that may want to come out.   


Some are stand-alone works like the maquette for “The Vortex” a study of female energy and spirit rising, or as in the case of the oval “Sylkies Without Skins," are modifications of things that I had carved previously but had decided to change.